Recently, Buzzfeed trapped me on their site with a post of cat memes when I found a clever compilation of Genius 3 Ingredient Recipes there. But my heart sunk when I saw that most of the recipes called for chemical-laden processed ingredients like cake mix, whipped topping, shortening, pre-made pie crusts and chocolate wafer cookies. I was bummed, and decided to use the idea to create a list of three ingredient paleo recipes. Grains, dairy, refined sugar and chemicals aren’t invited to this party. Happy three-ingredient cooking!

P.S. Salt and pepper are “freebie” ingredients and don’t count

1. Cauliflower + Eggs + Curry Powder = Cauliflower Wraps

Perfect for enjoying with your favorite filling.

2. Banana + Nut Butter + Chocolate Chips = Chocolate Banana Bites

A healthy snack to satisfy your sweet tooth, and also something kids love to make.

3. Strawberries + Bananas + Ginger = Strawberry Ginger Sorbet

A delicious summer soft-serve made with fruit.

4. Coconut Butter + Garlic + Olive Oil = Egg Free Mayonnaise

Perfect for dipping veggies, using in sauces, and spreading on sandwiches.

5. Bell Pepper + Tuna + Mayonnaise = Tuna-Stuffed Peppers

A super quick meal. Use homemade mayonnaise made with coconut oil/olive oil for paleo-friendly mayo without vegetable oil.

6. Coconut oil + Honey + Coconut Milk = Caramel Sauce

Silky, dreamy, sweet.

7. Almonds + Hazelnuts + Vanilla Beans = Toasted Almond Hazelnut Butter

Homemade nut butter is so much more flavorful than store-bought – and cheaper, too!

8. Pecans + Dates + Chocolate Chips = Chocolate “Turtles”

It couldn’t be easier to create a healthy alternative to Turtles candy.

9. Coconut Flour + Shredded Coconut + Banana = Paleo “Oatmeal”

This oat-free “oatmeal” is a warming breakfast porridge.

10. Watermelon + Coconut Milk + Garnishes = Watermelon Cake

The frosting is made with coconut cream, which is the thick part that separates to the top of a can of full-fat coconut milk.

11. Cocoa Powder + Honey + Coconut Oil = Chocolate Cups

Fill with fresh fruit or ice cream for a cute dessert.

12. Tulsi Tea + Gelatin + Honey = Hormone-Balancing Tulsi Geleé

Tulsi tea and gelatin both support hormone balance.

13. Pumpkin + Eggs + Coconut oil = Pumpkin Pancakes

A quick and delicious breakfast!

14. Apples + Caramel + Coconut Cream = Caramel Apples

Who knew caramel apples were so easy to make with healthy ingredients?

15. Banana + Chocolate + Pistachios = Banana Sushi

Adorable concept and kids love personalizing their “sushi” with a variety of toppings.

16. Plantain + Baking Soda + Egg = Plantain Waffles

Three ingredient waffles? Sign me up!

17. Avocado + Basil + Lemon = Avocado Pesto Sauce

This would be delicious served with Zucchini Noodles or with spaghetti squash for a paleo pasta meal.

18. Apricot Preserves + Coconut Aminos + Apple Cider Vinegar = Sweet and Sour Sauce

Coconut aminos taste very similar to soy sauce, but contain no soy.

19. Coconut milk + Eggs + Banana = Banana Custard

Top with nuts and maple syrup, if desired.

20. Bananas + Eggs + Instant Coffee = Coffee Pancakes

Get your morning coffee and pancakes in one bite.

21. Portobellos + Proscuitto + Eggs = Baked Eggs in Mushroom Cups

A new way to enjoy your morning eggs.

22. Coconut Milk + Sweetener + Probiotic Capsule = Coconut Milk Yogurt

A creamy and dairy-free yogurt.

23. Bananas + Almond Butter + Honey = Almond Crunch Ice Cream

No ice cream maker needed!

24. Cocoa + Coconut Milk + Maple Syrup = Chocolate Mousse

A thick and creamy mousse without dairy or eggs.

25. Dates + Non-Dairy Milk + Unsweetened Chocolate = Chocolate Fudge Sauce

Is your mouth watering yet?


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